Bakery Style Muffins Cookbook eBook (Digital eBook)

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Included in this IMMEDIATE DIGITAL EBOOK DOWNLOAD cookbook are 30 bakery style muffin recipes. Each recipe includes a photo, ingredients, instructions, prep time, bake time, rest time and yield. Imperial (US Standard) and Metric measures are included for each recipe.

Topics inside the book include how to create bakery style muffins, how to properly measure flour, how to release stuck on muffin tops, how to store and freeze muffins as well as recommended tools and equipment for making muffins.

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1 review for Bakery Style Muffins Cookbook eBook (Digital eBook)

  1. Brittany Decker

    Such an amazing book! Best muffin recipes/hacks I have EVER seen!! i cannot wait to try ALL OF THEM!!

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