Bakery Style Muffins Cookbook (Physical Copy)

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Included in this softcover cookbook are 30 bakery style muffin recipes. Each recipe includes a photo, ingredients, instructions, prep time, bake time, rest time and yield. Imperial (US Standard) and Metric measures are included for each recipe.

Topics inside the book include how to create bakery style muffins, how to properly measure flour, how to release stuck on muffin tops, how to store and freeze muffins as well as recommended tools and equipment for making muffins.

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17 reviews for Bakery Style Muffins Cookbook (Physical Copy)

  1. Rebecca (store manager)

    These are the most BEAUTIFUL muffins I have ever made! I am SO excited about them and their gorgeous dome. THANK YOU!!!

  2. Karen (store manager)

    Absolutely the best muffin recipe I ever made! They turned out beautifully with giant domes and such a great flavor! Everyone who ate one loved them. I’m doing the blueberry ones next! Thanks for all the tips!

  3. Debbie Ring (store manager)

    Amazing recipes! I’ve been looking for the perfect muffin recipe and I finally found it! My kids can’t stop eating them! Thank you for sharing the recipes and all the pro tips!

  4. Shaaz (store manager)

    They came out amazing. The best I’ve tried. The texture has the perfect crumb too. I was skeptical about the thickness of the batter at 1st but made no adjustments and they were perfect with the high tops too!

  5. Marney (store manager)

    Unbelievably great muffins! Super easy to make and absolutely delicious to eat! But be warned: they’re so good you will need to keep making them!

  6. Sarah Jones (store manager)

    I make the banana muffins at least once a week in my house and my twin toddlers and husband devour them! They are so easy and so delicious!!! I double the batch every single time. Thank you for such a wonderful recipes!

  7. Billie Anderson (store manager)

    These are a win win! The recipe couldn’t be easier and they are delicious! I love the big, domed top of the muffin. I added chocolate chips and pecan chunks. Thank you for sharing both your recipes and the tips!

  8. Ashley Parker (store manager)

    Wow! These muffins are delicious and a total show stopper with their looks! My family absolutely loved them. Definitely recipes I’ll be using again and again!

  9. Lori Dolan (store manager)

    Ultimately, thee BEST muffin recipes I have found! I have tried many just looking for the perfect ones, and here they are!!! Followed the easy directions exactly! WOW!!! YUMMY! Thank you so much! No more searching!

  10. Kelsey (verified owner)

    Just got my book and WOW! All of the recipes look amazing. Now to decide which to try first!!! Thanks for the tips & tricks for perfect muffins!

  11. Cindy (store manager)

    If you follow the recipe and read the tips you will bake a great bakery style muffin. Tried 3 already and they were amazing and delicious. My freezer is full.

  12. Pam (store manager)

    This is the third muffin recipe of Beth’s that I’ve made and once again the recipe does not disappoint! Easy to make, amazing flavor and they have high domes. What’s not to love!

  13. Loren (store manager)

    My muffins turned out perfect! Love this recipe, it’s a staple in my house and a crow pleaser! Thank you for sharing your tips, they have made the biggest difference in how perfect my muffins come out!

  14. Brooke (store manager)

    So easy and so delicious! Made these for friends and family and they didn’t last the day! I made other recipes a few times and was thinking I don’t have time to do 2 separate pans well she’s right! Take the time and follow the recipe because the second batch spaced out like the recipe indicated and they looked like completely different muffins!

  15. Kelsey (store manager)

    If I could give this recipe more than five stars I would! These muffins looked impressive and tasted incredible. The recipe was well written and super easy to follow with lots of tips. This website will be my new go to for muffin recipes!

  16. Jina (store manager)

    The absolute best blueberry muffin recipe and so simple to get amazing muffins. The steps were clear and the results look exactly like the pictures. Thank you for the tips that provide blog worthy muffins to the everyday cook. I even had someone message me on social media to ask if I am selling the muffins. And trust the tip about using fresh blueberries – it is very much worth it.

  17. Renee

    Oh my goodness were these muffin’s scrumptious! I made blueberry muffins exactly the way the recipe stated and they were perfect! Beautiful domed tops, big fresh blueberries, moist and beautiful! On to try the lemon poppyseed!

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